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Resurrecting The Lower Mind

November 24, 2021

Horus, oh giver of life

The one that doesn’t have to think twice

Resurrected from the prison of the lower mind

She birthing him through their love

Her infinite embrace of his divine

All of his morphogenetic field potentialities

His light, dark and shadow too

Beloved devotion committed love for you

Hand in hand again and again…throughout space time

Landed, grounded and soaring at the core

Divine masculine and divine feminine together forevermore

Freedom derives only from their, your, our resonance with love

Walking the light talking

Making the way through the vast cosmic expanse

Repairing the old pathways and forging the new path of light.. for ALL souls to unite

Only ever falling into the sacred healing waters of the net of love

For the fall is no more, ever rising, ever loving 

One, yet two, three and four, yet one doing for ALL

Her role more important than the dark ages ever gave her credit for

In the twilight his eyes revealed

Just as the first time, stillness gleam true 

For we will always stand by you

You are him and us

And I am you 

The books, all of the books of the dead, hinted to this

The second coming of divine Christos Consciousness 

Her and him and them together again 

In Horus hover bliss above and now below

We are ALL the second coming, if you so choose

Unveil your shadows. Awaken to them. Bring them into the light. The time has come to heal and to unite. Only then so too the vast wonder of free flight will be unveiled to you. 

This generation miraculously doing for all. What they (we) sought, we accomplish. Trust in yourself, the seeker, and your all knowing.. for your resonance with love and your truth shall always light the way. Through the darkness, through the shadow, until the sun rises on the new day. Lay in wait no more.. as you are safe with her.  

Your train has come and is no more just a toy, the way is lit…for your miraculous, brilliant, devotional, multidimensional creations to finally take flight. Remove your cloak, your mask, standing in our impenetrable light.. To finally finally be received, seen, felt, heard and tasted.. with the abundant glory and majesty of her earthly divine light essence.  Wrapped up in her love for ALL of YOU. 

Instagram Repost: emmett_sparling

Majestic Mother Gaia Iceland waterfall

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