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Sacred SELF Divine Love Relationship

January 12, 2022

There is no love greater than divine love. It sees and knows you as 100% whole, capable, sovereign, beautifully exquisite in your divine existence, beloved, worthy of all abundance, love, grace and connection. It knows your absolute divinity and sacred worth without question.  It is pure divine source connection love available to you in every moment. Always Infinitely. A love greater and beyond what we can sometimes imagine of or dream of from ourselves and from others. Pure Divine higher God Self source love. Seeing all of your incredible perfection. 

You are loved unconditionally, completely and unapologetically through source love. How could source not love itself as you? The greatest Self Love Embodiment. This love is an all knowing when it is felt. An energy that cannot be denied or compared to anything else. Nothing feels better. Liquified bliss waves of pure ecstatic oneness. 

We must hold ourselves with grace for our humanness as we shift to integrate godliness. Trusting the path, even in the storms. The storms bring forth incredible truths that those old rose colored glasses want to gleam over. 

Seeing from a hawk’s eye truth.  Ever expanding so greatly to hold and embody this love source flowing and weaving through us. We begin to see glimpses of divinity reflecting from us, from this embodiment, from this higher consciousness, state of awareness expansion flowing from us, seeing through enlightened new eyes, no more glasses, laser focused stillness clarity. 

Our new conscious observation of divinity reflected into the beauty of this majestic planet, the connective nature of all through divine new types of experiences, weaving through the leyline networks of love the joyful health and thriving of the souls we experience in the hologram from moment to moment, fractals of the ONE soul in each of us. 

As within so without.  All aglow, some storms and aglow again. All experience ok, all divine, all held with sacred love… within and without. 

Outer true sacred relationship with self and other (s) is the reflection of divine love from within.  It is pure, it knows and loves you through your storms and your sun lit rainbows. It’s inner and outer door always open and never closed to you.  Opening the heart even further opens the divine door even further until there are no more doors shutting self or other out. No more unresponsiveness when knocking on heaven’s door. Replaced with open airy temples with no doors where unconditional love flows on the wings of grace and prescense. 

Source’s expression of love never requires perfection or readiness to receive divinity, it is pure unconditional divine love through all moments for self and other no matter what comes up.  We are ALL worthy of giving and receiving this love. 

Blessed be and so it be came

Beautiful divine art by: @alexruiz.artist

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