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Healing and Ascending Through Love...

Evolving our consciousness through healing to experience greater resonance with peace, love, joy and bliss.

Sacred Soul Sessions

Working with individual clients to build and maintain connection to higher self and guide the evolution of the divine inner temple network of love. Together we will delve into re-scripting self-talk and re-wiring of beliefs, energetic clearing and purging lower states of consciousness that do not serve, through sovereign mindful empowerment of the Self. Meditation, energy healing, intuitive development, setting goals and discussion of integration of daily rituals and practices that support the individuals' journey are avenues for healing. I assist, through life coaching, spiritual development, those experiencing grief, stress, relationship concerns, major life challenges and/or transitions etc.. .

Cost Per Session: $99

Autism Family or Individual Coaching Services

Autism holds a very special place in my heart. Throughout my career I have so gratefully counseled children and their families, as well as adults who have an Autism diagnosis. I lead the development of educational plans and positively supportive behavior plans, as well as careful analysis of assessment data to ensure educational access. I have trained teachers and families on the best ways to support Autism in school, home, work and leisure environments. I work with clients to support quality of life for the individual and families, educational programming and human connection. One of my gifts is the special intuitive connection with the beautiful loving hearts of these multidimensional and gifted individuals, as well as being able to see the cause and solutions for shifting maladaptive behaviors.

Cost Per Session: $111.00

Sacred Soul Circles

Come together with a group of like minded souls in unconditional love to support higher self embodiment, healing, intuitive development and evolution of consciousness. Often we create group mind receiving similar healings and messages together. This occurs as we often struggle with similar dilemmas at the same time due to the collective consciousness and astrological energies. Meditation circles are a wonderful way to stay balanced, centered and loved throughout the weeks. A great stress reliever! E-mail for dates and times of ongoing circles.

Cost Per Circle: $20.00

Locations: Green Earth in Oneonta, NY ; Time To Heal Massage in Walton, NY and on zoom

Email Amanda for more details at

Vibra Acoustic Energy Healing

Our bodies are energy and light. They are impacted by the frequencies of our thoughts, environments, genes and diets. A Vibra Acoustic Session will shift your energy field into resonance. Imagine an electric guitar hooked up to an amplifier that sounds awful. Now imagine an orchestra in perfect harmony. These sessions support your field to shift from dissonance to resonance through the energies of divine love. This environment is optimal for healing and ease vs. dis-ease in the body. Energy clearing and chakra balancing also occurs during the session. Amanda also receives psychic messages for your highest and greatest good and will share what was cleared energetically from the field to help support future wellness. E-mail me at to set up a session.

Cost $85

School Consultation Project

"The more healthy relationships a child has, the more likely he/she will be to recover from trauma and thrive. Relationships are the agents of change and the most powerful therapy is human love." ~Dr. Bruce Perry

Amanda's work as a school administrator, school counselor and spiritual guide has immersed her in the field of social emotional learning, mindfulness in education, trauma-informed practices, healing, counseling and positive behavior support systemic structures. Research based best practices we support include equal access for all children to researched based reading instruction through a multi-tiered system of support. As well as uplifting, trauma-informed, positive behavior supported school classroom communities. We offer social emotional learning consultation services, curriculum alignment and wellness for staff. We also work with schools to support the empowerment of unity consciousness systems within the school and/or district. Recognition of emotions through mindful self awareness and re-scripting of self talk through a cognitive behavioral approach is shown through research to have profound impacts on progress for children.

Contact Net of Love for a consultation call and rates.

Conscious Leadership Consultation

An organization can only be as conscious as it’s leadership. Amanda will work with your organization to identify focus areas through a mindful strategic planning process, including staff from all levels of the organization. Fostering honesty of the shadow aspects of the organization, to bring them to light, in order to heal them and support the evolution of consciousness of the organization. The end result may include strategies to increase morale, productivity or efficiency and/or training of staff or leadership. Amanda emphasizes a shared decision making approach which leads to a sense of unity and empowerment for all. 

Contact Net of Love at for a consultation call, rates or more information.


The Self Love Crash Course (Ascending Through Self Love) was brilliant. It brought up important points and questions that are leading me to more self awareness and how necessary self love is so we can heal ourselves and give us the tools needed to broadcast love and healing out into the world.

~Margaret Kilbride, Upstate New York

Working with Amanda has unlocked gifts within. I have taken classes from her, been a part of meditation circles, and worked with Amanda one on one. She is the real deal and meets people where they are at. Whether you are new to spirituality, or have been engaged for a long time, she’s adaptable and creative and can work with multiple different frameworks. Each time I connect with her, I walk away feeling more engaged, enlightened, and better understanding my internal self. Amanda has helped me discover the power within to fall more in love with myself each and every day.”

Such an inspirational and insightful experience with an amazing leader. I will most definitely attend more of these sessions. The warm, welcoming environment is perfect for a beginner like me.

~Donna, Liberty NY

My work with Amanda has brought me to a greater spiritual awakening than I thought possible. I have become beautifully aware of my oneness with God, my divine self, and my innate ability to feel and share the love that is inside us all. I am beyond excited to continue on the journey of spiritual enlightenment with her.

I can tell you by experience that Amanda is an amazing practitioner who is an oasis of love in a desert of frustration.

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