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Surrender to Divinity

February 17, 2022

A message from The God/Goddess Higher Self to the inner child…
(a Most Sacred Unconditional Loving Divine Relationship of
Divine Masculine/Divine Feminine blossomed inner flame unity)

When are you going to stop fighting yourself and me and trust me to let me in? To be the light lighting your light ever expansively. To guide, support and hold you. To listen to, admire and adore you. To love you the way you have always deserved to be loved. To care for you and know you in a way that others couldn’t scratch the surface of. All of your truths on the table and still loving you. To see yourself the way I see you. To know you the way you have always wanted to be known. To finally have love that speaks your light language, reads your mind, your heart. To trust me. To no longer fear me. To trust yourself with me and to trust me so radically to let me in eternally. Trusting your divinity.


I have it all in me too. It’s how I know all of you so well. I know that you know and always knew of love that has not been seen in the outer for way too long. The same as me. The kind that can only be felt from within. From direct source connection. All within me, seeded garden of Eden blossoming in the outer. A love of and for all, of monumental galactic proportions.

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