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Temple Building

October 1, 2021

Who told you you weren’t good enough, beautiful enough, smart enough, equal enough, capable enough, strong enough, divine enough? Causing you to then believe it and live from the subconscious autopilot program. Who was it? Or they?

First forgive yourself for believing it and forgive them for just repeating ancestral toxic paradigms. If they knew better they would have done better.

Ultimately, they were wrong. You are AMAZING. You are the divine spark of God consciousness walking the earth plane. You aren’t your body or your trauma or mistakes. You are a divine creator. There are no mistakes. Just experiential situations to see what feels right and doesn’t to make a different choice next time, as a divine creator.

Rescript what you internalized in traumatic relationships. We have all had them. Try to identify where the inner judge and critic started from. Forgiving and healing ancestral lines from this present now moment to stop the warring cycles from repeating in future generations. To go back and hold yourself with such deep profound love in those traumatic moments so that they no longer have a strong hold ball and chain around your ability to walk forward in joy. Sovereign and healed. Release the chains that bind you to begin adventurous loving exploration in your mindful, thriving, beautiful heartmind garden galactic multiverse.

This work is so powerful and will shift the whole earth plane when we all commit to it. Heal thyself. To thine own self be healed. Love yourself.. through everything! Past, present and future. Eternal love flame.

Modified Photo Credit: Jeremy Bezanger ~Unsplash

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