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The Wholly Cross

February 5, 2022

Parallel lining coming together. A new intersection of 3 6 9 proportion, yet ancient. Inverting back the true meaning of the cross. The cross intersection of love. The true divine blueprint..heart centered creatrix electromagnetic divinely spinning net of love. 

At the heart, all roads, a thousand roads lead to rose blossomed unified heart center field. I will meet you there. Where the true heart center lines cross. Where all of our parallel lives lined separation comes together as one within. FeminineMasculine as one. The one of yours and mine. All of ours.  

Stolen and damaged through the illusion of time, ignorance and false distorted human constructs of sacrificial lamb fear. Service to the itty bitty scared separated self, impurified by the illusion of force over.  

Shepherds of love have returned and are fully United in service to all. The divine blueprint construct. There truly is nothing to fear anymore. Spend your vital life force carefully, that which you buy into. You choose. You create the divine matrix. We do. Lay down thy sword, turn off and turn your back to the illusion and walk forward creating the ideal. 

Sit on that mountain. Become the mountain. Go within and See what is real. Hurdle gracefully over the distorted myths. Soaring and sacrificing within only that which is not love. Never choosing sacrificial thought self harm.  Choosing love and heaven for self and all other as one soul Self. Creating and building in divine clear loving thought formation and integral action.  

Inverted fear time lines repaired. So all may feel heaven on earth with all of the senses. First within. Abundance and Reparations for all. Standing oh so tall. It is done. 

My tremendous appreciation to the divine masculine for the infinite devotional commitment of never giving up on this dream, this vision throughout millenia. The profound healing that had to occur, the patience and truthful soul bearing vulnerability.  Respecting, careFULLY responding to, holding and adoring the divine feminine as only a divine masculine can truly do. My infinite thanksgiving to you. Within the outer. 

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