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Waking Up In 5D

May 8, 2022

These magical moments in the outer never cease to amaze me, waking up in 5D this beautiful morning. As a meditation guide what comes through from our highest aspects is not thought from the mind of everyday thought alone. It comes from a higher dimensional frequency of spirit, love and interconnectedness with all, ascended and expanded beyond the illusion of time. When open to receive with clear, pure, divine vessel heart mind the most beautiful creations and dream weaving comes through.

I found mySelf divinely guiding souls recently to a golden orb in their dreamscape. The orb was in the body of water that they created. At the time I kept seeing that the gift inside the golden orb, for the soul experiencing it, was something that needed to stay in the water. Not forever, but for now. The gift in the dream was being purified by divinity, the waters of creation. An inner symbolism of how we are holding it in our hearts.

Go within, create your dreamscape in a meditative state and see what gift is in the golden orb for you. Your holy desire, you’re greatest wish, your greatest dream. Hold it with all of your heart in the inner, feeling it’s joy, for it to unfold in the outer. As you and it are cleansed and purified for divine time outer reception.

Happy Mother’s Day to all of my dear friends and family! Our divine feminine nurturing ~ loving ~ receptive ~ caring nature so beautiful to this divine creation!

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